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Company Profile

Development of integrated computer technologies, research and consulting in the mineral industry. Getos Ltd markets and sells software and hardware for geology, survey and mining. Programs and software tools of our suppliers are used for database management, drillhole data analysis, ore body modeling, ore reserves estimation, open pit optimization and mine planning.



Software Products

        GEOBLOCK 1.5 - the open source program for geological modeling and ore reserves calculation for Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP. Development is undertaken entirely under Internet with using WinCVS mechanism. The contents of the Geoblock program are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. The new version is designed with the help of Delphi 7.0 and OpenGL tools. Using combination of different model types such as POINTS, DHOLES, POLYGONS, TINS, GRIDS, MESHES and SOLIDS the program allows one to obtain 3D visualization of sub-surface geological characteristics. There is an interface with open pit optimization programs. Geological and survey database tables are in Paradox 8.0 format and you can export/import data to ASCII, MS Excel, MS Access and database with ODBC support. Price of CD with installation program, all source codes, libraries and documentation: $ 250.

Other reselling products:

             Rockworks2002 software for professional geologists from Rockware Inc. This is the package for creating boring logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models (plume, orebody, oil reservoir), stratigraphic layer models and surfaces, contour maps and terrain models, piper and stiff diagrams, stereonets, rose diagrams, ternary diagrams and much more!. You can order and download the Rockworks by Internet. The version of RockWorks2002 and LogPlot2001 on RockWare's web site is almost always the newest version. Downloading the latest version from the web does not require a new unlocking code, this means you can download and update the program as often as you like. There is also User's Guide translated for Russian speaking specialists. Price for a standard single license only $ 999.

             MineMax Planner combines optimization technology and interactive 3D graphics visualization

             MineMAX Scheduler - a powerful tool for scheduling on mine works with advanced features





  • MineNet and InfoMine - Useful Mining Software Information
  • Geologic Resources - Another good place to start a search for geological software
  • MineralTech - Comminution Center of Utah University
  • JKMRC - Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Center
  • Voronoi - Theory and practice of Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi tesselation

Geology & Mining Software



Leading Specialists and Associated Members

Mineral Deposit Modeling - Ph.D.Pavel V. Vassiliev

Mine Design and Geostatistics - D.Sc. Yuri E. Kaputin

Rock Geomechanics - D.Sc. Sergey N. Zhurin

Stabilization of Ore Quality - D.Sc. Vitaliy N. Zarayskiy

3D Graphics Programming - Evgenyi V. Bouianov, Danil Kolokolov


Director: Pavel Vassiliev


Phone: (70722) 267841; Fax: (70722) 26-78-41

Address: Kalinina St., 5-71, Belgorod, 308001, Russia

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